Transportation is our passion; we do what we do because we love to do it.
When you walk through our doors you are stepping into a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION gateway.

Our shipping Services are designed to represent Ship Owners interest in ports where we operate.

Our service profile includes:

Ship Management both cargo as well as operational
We help small ship owners to manage their vessels day to day operations. Our pool of professionals will help owners leverage the same kind of attention bigger and better placed owners are able to provide to their ships. From Technical management to Crew management our services are designed to help them operate their vessels smoothly across the globe.

Our Team and agents in different ports have in-depth knowledge of ports, regulations and facilities, especially about the configuration of vessels, to ensure a smooth handling of different types of cargo. We help ship owners save themselves from costly cargo disputes.

Ship Agency Services
Our agency department provide services for fleet of any type, class, flag in the ports Male’, Hithadhoo Regional Port, Kuludhufushi Regional Ports and at other location in Maldives, pre arranged by the owners for all kinds of cargoes (including non-standard, bagged, oversized and heavy).
Our agency department are geared to provide following services at most competitive rates:
• Execution of all formalities connected with Arrival and Departure ;
• Port agency, including port clearance, issuing all relevant shipping documents;
• Arranging of tugs, pilots, handling and stevedore operations in any part of Maldives
• Providing stevedores; own and contracted.
• Seamless communication from the moment vessel calls Maldives until departure to all stakeholders.
• Assistance in crew change; hospitalization ; medical attendance and repatriation of crewmembers;
• bunkering and repair operations;
• Port security
• Providing transportation to crew and passengers.
• Cargo survey
• Charterer or Owners representation.

Cargo insurance
We help buyers and sellers alike obtain insurance for shipments worldwide. Whether it's an individual shipment or an annual Open Cargo Insurance Policy we can help. Our insurance providers are both local as well as international.

We provide bunkering facility for vessels calling Port or vessels passing through Maldives. We are open 24/7 to ensure your vessels are supplied at all times.

Supply chain stability and its effectiveness is what give the competitive edge to today’s businesses. At CTS we aim to understand your supply chain, its strengths, weaknesses and potential, and provide strategic recommendations that will help in design and implement integrated transport solutions that will bring tangible results to your business.

Our integrated logistics management brings together AIR, SEA and GROUND transport under one coordinated platform thereby creating a singlesource logistics window enabling us to serve more efficiently to today’s business requirements.

With our global network you shipments are safely and securely delivered where it wants to be, on time.
Our services include:

Ocean Freight
CTS offer cost effective, weekly global ocean shipping into Maldives from over 150 destinations. Our team with our global network agents are ready to offer, LCL, FCL, Break Bulk, Project, Over size cargo facilities, hazardous cargo and reefer services.

We combine the strength of multiple carriers, forwarders and networks to ensure your cargo is delivered on time and on budget.

Air Freight
CTS offers regular import services from USA, Europe, F-East, Africa, Gulf, Oceania and Indian Subcontinent into Maldives. Similarly we work with multiple airlines for export out of Maldives. CTS is fully equipped to handle Normal, Project, oversize size, Temperature control, Exhibition goods and Emergency shipments to and from Maldives. Customers using CTS clearing and forwarding services can keep track of their shipments through our unique track and trace system “CTS ONLINE”. Customs clearance is handled in-house through Maldives Customs DTI system thus ensuring smooth faster clearance and delivery.

Door Delivery

Supply Chain Consultancy

Small team of dedicated staffs who specialize in Dry cargo, Wet cargo as well as Sale and Purchase forms our brokerage team. Shipping has been a people’s business where relationship goes a long way in securing a cargo or securing a vessel.

Our team with their network is dedicated to helping our clients make informed business decisions. We ensure our businesses are conducted with highest ethical standards to deliver a professional service every time you work with us.